Three intelligent data engines that combine to form one powerful and nimble SOLUTION FRAMEWORK

Guardian's Translational Operating System ("TOS") lies seamlessly on top of your current infrastructure, translating your existing data into measurable benefits and unexpected insights. Guardian TOS is a non-disruptive, performance-driven solution framework. It is designed to embrace your current EMR and healthcare applications, translating your disparate data into one secure and unified stream. TOS ensures data integrity & compliance throughout your data systems. Our framework translates your data into actionable insights and unexpected strategies that empower your knowledge workers by providing real-time monitoring that prioritizes the tasks that will be the greatest benefit to your patients and your bottom line. TOS is an improvement and solution engine, tailored to the unique parameters of your health system.

Guardian TOS features a secure interoperability engine that provides full harmonization of disparate data from essential applications and technology systems between departments and throughout your hospital system. Regardless of the existing EMR solution or healthcare applications, Guardian TOS normalizes and protects ePHI data in motion and at rest. It harmonizes orphaned data feeds, multiple data protocols, unaligned ePHI fields and incompatible data into one unified stream. Our secure interoperability engine inspects data integrity and provides absolute assurance of ePHI data authenticity and confidentiality.

  • Mitigates compliance risk without disrupting current operations and procedures.
  • Normalizes disparate data formats, inconsistent data representation and poor protocol usage standards without disrupting current systems.
  • Quickly assimilates acquired partner hospital data streams into a unified data network.
  • Relieves the burden and risk of handling healthcare data internally.
  • Reduces time and money needed to integrate new projects or initiatives.
  • Encrypts outgoing traffic and decrypts incoming traffic, rendering ePHI unusable to unauthorized recipients.

Guardian TOS utilizes intelligent predictive algorithms that converts your existing data into actionable insights that empower and alert the knowledge workers inside your organization. Using situational analytics and real-time data monitoring, TOS measures and assesses trends relating to patient flow, internal processes and overall patient care, providing practitioners with intuitive alerts and prompts that help prioritize the actions that best support patient outcomes and overall operational goals. TOS provides both qualitative and quantitative statistical insights and intuitive situational analyses that support consistent and persistent adjustments to the operational decision-making that impacts the healthcare experience for patients, providers, administrators and clinicians.

  • Analyzes real-world processes and protocols to identify inefficiencies and potential systemic risks.
  • Reduces costs and inefficiencies by providing actionable business insights.
  • Provides meaningful metrics and predictive assessment that drives proactive action and change.
  • Optimizes population health outcomes using real-time operational data assessment.
  • Reinforces interdepartmental collaboration and cooperation toward shared business goals.

With a comprehensive, hands-on understanding of the operational challenges facing today's health systems, Guardian TOS uses real-time data analysis to proactively assist the critical split-second decision making facing your team on a daily basis. Guardian's Operational Insight Engine monitors and translates your real-time data into a series of intuitive alerts that prioritize the tasks and actions that will deliver the most optimal patient outcomes and support operational goals. TOS empowers and amplifies a health system's existing on-site medical expertise. Unlike so many "silver bullet" solutions of the past, our TOS will fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, requiring no new hardware, no disruption and no "re-training" of your staff. TOS extracts predictive insight and real-time operational intelligence from the data that already exists inside the hospital to enable those most familiar with the hospital's systems and procedures -- your team -- to make the consistent and persistent adjustments that ensure patient safety, reduce risk, and increase bottom-line performance.

  • Intuitively optimizes business goals and patient care initiatives.
  • Does not disrupt or require changes to existing infrastructure.
  • Empowers internal staff with clinical business insight and intuitive, real-time alerts.
  • Identifies and quantifies emerging operational inefficiencies and/or growing risks.
  • Monitors and predicts outcomes between disparate and dependent patient care processes.
  • Drives optimal patient care decisions in real-time.

In a world of growing governmental mandates, cut-throat competition and increasingly complex data infrastructures, today's health systems need to be proactive in identifying emerging challenges, risks and inefficiencies. While hospitals have been trained to expect slow and expensive, consultant-driven strategies to address their problems, TOS offers a nimble and resource-friendly solution framework that allows you to match individual solution modules to your biggest and most pressing internal challenges before they morph into major systemic problems. Guardian's team of medically-trained team of data engineers have developed a growing portfolio of proven "solution apps" that seamlessly plug into the TOS to address the most common issues facing today's health systems. Guardian's "app store" matches the data-solutions that will most quickly and cost-effectively target your organization's unique pain points and challenges, without disruption or interruption to your current systems. Guardian TOS provides intuitive, plug-and-play solutions that deliver quantifiable results and identifiable benefits within weeks, not months nor years. Guardian portfolio of solution "apps" translate your existing, real-time data into actionable insights and guaranteed results.

Existing Solution Modules include, but are not limited to:

  • Sepsis 6-Hour Bundle
  • Patient Flow
  • Medication Control
  • Capacity Management
  • Data Harmonization
  • Real-Time Meds
  • and a wide range of custom solutions

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Our team of hospital-trained system engineers and data scientists will spend several hours with your team to develop a customized TOS DATA ASSESSMENT that targets the biggest challenges that can be addressed most quickly. No risk, no commitment. Just invaluable insight into the value inside your data and a detailed strategy on how to unlock it.

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Translational Operating System

Three intelligent data engines that combine to form one powerful and nimble solution framework.


Secure Data Harmonization

Translates your many internal data streams into one secure and unified data format.


Real-Time Situational Analytics

Translates your existing data into powerful trend analysis and predictive analytics.


Operational Intelligence

Translates monitored data into real-time insights that prioritize optimal tasks.

An App Store For Your Hospital

Guardian TOS provides a collection of performance-driven solution modules that plug into the TOS framework to target your most critical pain points without disrupting your existing systems, processes or protocols.

  • Deliver measurable value and quantified benefits in 30 days.
  • Real-time monitoring that tracks operational efficiencies — alerting staff as trends emerge that put systems at risk.
  • Proven plug-and-play compatibility with TOS solution framework.
  • 20+ market apps that target pressing challenges like Sepsis 6-hour Bundle, Patient Flow, Medication Control, Capacity Management, Data Harmonization, Real-time Meds.
  • Custom app development targeting your specific pain points and operation objectives.


Stop waiting years for the possibility of ROI - TOS will deliver it in 30 DAYS

Set The Rules

TOS is customizable to the clinical pathways currently in use at your facility.

Foster Communication

Empower disparate departments and entire health systems to work as a team.

Be Proactive

Look ahead through the windshield, not back through the rearview mirror.

Amplify Excellence

Empower the expertise and experience already inside your facility.

Maintain Accountability

Empower your team by alerting them immediately when their action is required.

Continuous Improvement

Excellence comes from consistent and persistent adjustments - not a one time event.

Guardian TOS unlocks hidden value inside your data

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LET'S LOOK INSIDE YOUR DATA : Every Guardian TOS project starts with a discussion. A brief one-hour session with your key officers about their working environment, their procedures, their protocols and their goals. Guardian TOS translates your data into insights, prompts and alerts that assist your split-second decision making and empower your team to drive consistent and persistent improvement within your organization. Fill out the information below so we can contact you and get started as soon as possible.

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